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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jumpin' On "The Bus" & Out of My Comfort Zone

I remember when I was 7 and my family and I moved from Florida to South Georgia. In Jacksonville, we lived close enough to our elementary school to walk or for my parents to drop us off. Now, in South Georgia, it was a long drive (well in city folks eyes) to drive your kids to school. So my sister and I suddenly had to ride a bus to school.  I was naively excited about this. I had only ridden a bus a time or two in Jacksonville. It was only for school field trips, so I was anticipating nothing but fun on this new way of transportation!

Things did not go so well.

For the first entire week, I threw up every single day. I learned what "motion sickness" meant. The bus driver didn't like me so much and I HATED riding the bus. Yeah, it was not what I anticipated. Eventually I did get used to the bus. I learned to keep my eyes up and looking out the window. I had been thrown out of my comfort zone and into this new world. Once I got used to the motion of the bus, I did start liking the bus once again. It was a fun time to talk to friends and meet other kids.

So fast forward 37 years. I've been creating jewelry for the last 3 1/2 years in my car. Ok, not really, but I've been creating in my comfort zone. No buses. I create with what I want to create with. I pick the beads. I pick the focals. I pick the colors. I pick the design. Well, I've gotten a bit bored and am ready to try new things.
Last week I participated in a blog challenge by Lorelei here. She picked the beads and we went from there. Brown cinnabar.. ok. Wooden cube beads...alright... White pearls? well ummmm... Green pearls? Nooooooo White cinnabar? Nuh uh. Then I saw it. WHITE chain! What!?!?! Are you kidding me? Suddenly I was on that bus for the first time again. Uneasiness & discomfort. I went to Micheal's and gathered the beads and then picked up the chain. Reluctantly, I put it in my basket and purchased all the beads (plus a lot more- damn Micheal's!)
For the next few days I worked on a design. How the heck to use these components and make something I was not completely ashamed of. I finally finished it and posted it. The original post is on my  Designs By Debi blog.

After it was all over with, my design and creating done, the pictures posted, comments left, I felt pretty good! I had went outside of my comfort zone, got on that bus and had a good time! No, it wasn't the most gorgeous thing I have ever created, but it was fine. I was pretty pleased with it. :)

So now I am once again ready to ride the bus... but this time it's a new bus! My Life Under The Bus is offering a bus ride! You can view the challenge here. She has provided a color palette to work from. I'm looking forward to this bus ride and challenge. :)

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  1. LOL !!! Yes I promise - NO throwing up!!! We'll have fun : D