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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Suck!!

Ok, I am not saying you - the readers, suck. I am saying that is prolly what you are saying about me and my blogging habits. I have a million excuses, but you don't want to hear them. So let's just forgive and forget and hopefully I can get back to blogging the way I should. (I know the 9 of you have been anxiously awaiting a post from me)
How about I start with some supply goodie pics? Fanci sent me some more stuff. Believe it or not, she just sent me these things. I didn't have to ask for them! She offered and I graciously accepted. :) (Sorry for the bad picture quality)
 Ok, it was more like a hell yeah, I'll take it! Which brings me to what I am saying next.
 I think part of my problem with blogging is that I try soooo hard to fit in with the "popular crowd" of bloggers.
 I word my posts so carefully, making sure I use correct grammar and say nothing offensive. I try to make everything all "pretty" with butterflies and rainbows. *pause*  (sorry, I nearly gagged)
 Sorry chickadees, that is not me! I am not a bi-otch or anything, but I am sure as hell not a prim and proper kinda gal. When I get angry, I cuss like a sailor. When I don't like something, I say so. I'm not into all the making pretty little things just like everyone else's. (some things have been SOOO overdone!)  I love old junk and creating things that look just as old.
 So no more of this pretending crap. I'm me. Take me or leave me! Btw, I don't dislike that type of jewelry or  those types of blogs. It's great that we like different things. If we were all exactly alike, this would be one boring-ass world! (and I do also make that pretty kinda jewelry for my other jewelry shop)
 Btw, aren't some of these things just awesometastic!?!? I think so.

In the pic above you see the "Rifle Expert" thingy? Love it! And yeah, I love shooting guns! I have a .40 cal Taurus 24/7 handgun. Oh, and a license to open carry in public. So there!
My sister, who lives in Naples, came up to see my Mom and sister a couple weeks ago. She left me a baggie with a anklet thingy that she wanted me to fix and a baggie of junk jewelry. These red beads were in there. Man, they are huge. And I want to eat them. Seriously, they look big, red and juicy. lol

Now before you start thinking that I am just some evil soul, I am not. I believe in God. I do my best to be positive all the time, because I believe that what you send out, you get back. (and considering I am 43, frowning brings on the wrinkles, lol) I love my family above all things. I love to make people smile. I pray and meditate daily. I try to help people see the good side of things and hate to see anyone drowning in self-pity.

Hopefully, through this post, you now know me better. And... hopefully you keep following my blog!