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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Suck!!

Ok, I am not saying you - the readers, suck. I am saying that is prolly what you are saying about me and my blogging habits. I have a million excuses, but you don't want to hear them. So let's just forgive and forget and hopefully I can get back to blogging the way I should. (I know the 9 of you have been anxiously awaiting a post from me)
How about I start with some supply goodie pics? Fanci sent me some more stuff. Believe it or not, she just sent me these things. I didn't have to ask for them! She offered and I graciously accepted. :) (Sorry for the bad picture quality)
 Ok, it was more like a hell yeah, I'll take it! Which brings me to what I am saying next.
 I think part of my problem with blogging is that I try soooo hard to fit in with the "popular crowd" of bloggers.
 I word my posts so carefully, making sure I use correct grammar and say nothing offensive. I try to make everything all "pretty" with butterflies and rainbows. *pause*  (sorry, I nearly gagged)
 Sorry chickadees, that is not me! I am not a bi-otch or anything, but I am sure as hell not a prim and proper kinda gal. When I get angry, I cuss like a sailor. When I don't like something, I say so. I'm not into all the making pretty little things just like everyone else's. (some things have been SOOO overdone!)  I love old junk and creating things that look just as old.
 So no more of this pretending crap. I'm me. Take me or leave me! Btw, I don't dislike that type of jewelry or  those types of blogs. It's great that we like different things. If we were all exactly alike, this would be one boring-ass world! (and I do also make that pretty kinda jewelry for my other jewelry shop)
 Btw, aren't some of these things just awesometastic!?!? I think so.

In the pic above you see the "Rifle Expert" thingy? Love it! And yeah, I love shooting guns! I have a .40 cal Taurus 24/7 handgun. Oh, and a license to open carry in public. So there!
My sister, who lives in Naples, came up to see my Mom and sister a couple weeks ago. She left me a baggie with a anklet thingy that she wanted me to fix and a baggie of junk jewelry. These red beads were in there. Man, they are huge. And I want to eat them. Seriously, they look big, red and juicy. lol

Now before you start thinking that I am just some evil soul, I am not. I believe in God. I do my best to be positive all the time, because I believe that what you send out, you get back. (and considering I am 43, frowning brings on the wrinkles, lol) I love my family above all things. I love to make people smile. I pray and meditate daily. I try to help people see the good side of things and hate to see anyone drowning in self-pity.

Hopefully, through this post, you now know me better. And... hopefully you keep following my blog!



  1. I'm glad to see you back and looking forward to see what you create with all your new 'stuff'. And now that I know you better, I like you even more! xoxo

  2. Hey Debi - We love you just the way you are! XOXO Look at all that great stuff - I want to eat those beads too. Cuss away - as my oldest says , "There goes mom and her colorful language." Bahahahah!!!

  3. LOL! I have 38 police special, and am fully trained and licensed, not for public though. I can't imagine being in line at the market with a gun. Or the freeway.....

    That sounds so terrible. (evil laugh)

    I am 47, and now you know me a little better.

  4. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!!!!!!!
    And now there are 10 0f us........
    so blog away!!!!!!!

    (found you thru clicking on your comment at glad I did!!)