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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Flea Market Shopping

I managed to make it to the flea market this morning. I found some pretty cool stuff.
 -Some old jewelry to remake into new things
-A pack of dominoes to beat up and age
-Three pairs of gloves (to make into glovettes?)
-A few books to get text and pics from for jewelry, including a Big Book of Christmas and a couple French text books.

And for myself, I bought a wonderful old book of poetry and a silverplate tea server! I collect tiny tea sets. Even though its a little larger, it will look pretty in my collection. I paid $4 for it and from what I can see online, they were made in the 1800s. (WoW)  I also got two bottles of butane for my mini torch. A 6 oz bottle is only $2 there! Can't beat that with a stick. lol

I do enjoy going to the flea market, but it's a difficult thing for me to do. I suffer so badly from insomnia that I can cannot get up early like "normal people" to go to Saturday morning yard sales and the flea market. So it is a rare thing that I ever get to go.  If they would just change the time to 3-4am, I could be there . lol

Thursday, October 28, 2010

50 More Things - Silver tone this time!

I used up 50 more parts and pieces today! Yay! This time I dug in the silver toned drawer and found these 50 lovely charms to add.

50 Things Silvertoned

I love the little boy and girl kissing charm. So cute! I wonder if I will ever put a dent in my stash? *sigh*

I am not sure what "50 things" theme I will use for the next necklace. I am thinking maybe Flowers. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Much Stuff! and 50 Of Those Things

Seriously, I have a weakness. I love to buy old and vintage jewelry. Sure, I buy by the piece, but also by the box load! I have storage drawers full; I have storage boxes full; I have boxes sitting on my floor full!

Time to get a move on and make some things that can help me to use it up.

  The first piece from my new line: "50 Things."

I'm going to start making Statement/Charm necklaces holding at least 50 items a pieces. This will help me to clear out my supplies in, hmmm, maybe 100 years? LOL

I do really love pieces like this. The first time I saw a statement/charm necklace on etsy, I was like wow! Love!

I just hope people will love mine :)

50 Things - Gold tone Available Here

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rough Day Turned Out Ok :)

Ahhhh I woke up this morning to pain! Thanks Mother Nature. I got up, took my thyroid med and went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I finally got up I took some pain reliever and wanted to go right back to bed. But I didn't. The pain finally lessened  and I was determined to make my day a little better. (the first day is always really hard on me) So I went out and got these:

I am a big time Sims fan! I started playing when the first Sims came out years ago. I own TheSims 1 to  The Sims 3 now and every Expansion pack and Stuff pack!! Today the "Late Night" expansion pack and The Sims3 for console came out, so I had to get them!! I have to say Sims3 for Nintendo DS is a bit lame, but I wanted it anyways. lol. I got them set up and then my hubby said he had to go out to get stuff for supper tonight.... He came back with stuff for supper but also this....

I LOVE John Grisham books! My hubby buys me every book. Use to, a new book would come out around Valentine's Day every year, so hubby would get it for me as part of my Valentine gifts. But now, they kinda come out randomly. He always gets me a 1st Edition, 1st printing. :) How sweet is that?

My hubby then cooked supper for us. I did help some, but he did most of it. So my painful day turned out nice after all! Yay!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Entomology -Now In the shop!

 Glass slide pendant with pictures of insects on the front and a lovely script on the back. Handmade and antiqued by me. 

Created with Glass swirl beads, carved wooden beads, black and white bone beads, black glass beads, recycled Sari silk, handmade and hand antiqued brass bead caps and brass wire.



My Life Under The Bus Inspiration Challenge

Ok, so I am not sure when we are supposed to post these. I =think= it's today (Saturday) but I am not sure. I suffer greatly from insomnia, so I can't be up early in the morning to check to see if the blog hop links have been posted and if we are indeed supposed to be posting. So, I guess I will post my challenge piece now and hopefully it will be ok.

This challenge is from My Life Under the Bus. You can view the post here for the challenge or use the links to hop back to the challenge page. 

Here are the inspiration pics that we worked with this week:

A Beautiful palette of colors!!

And here is my work....
 I work with all sorts of materials, but my passion is old and/or vintage components. These beads were some I bought in a huge lot of vintage stuff. They look like glass but are actually plastic! The metal pendant ...was an earring! The colors matched the necklace beads perfectly, so I took it apart. It was a two piece earring, so I used the bottom for the necklace.

 I had plenty of the multi-colored beads left, so I decided to use the top part of the earring (post removed and drilled two holes in it) to make a matching bracelet.

I hope that you like my creations for this challenge!

 Please do post comments and if you aren't too blogged out, (I know some people follow a ton of blogs already) pleassssse follow me *Really Sad I-Don't-Have-Any-Followers-Puppy Dog Eyes*


Friday, October 22, 2010

T.G.I.F!!!!!!!!!!!! or not

I know everyone always says TGIF and things like that, but I don't really get it. For people who work a 9-5 M-F work week, the weekend is exciting. Not so much for those who run online businesses. You can't put up a closed sign and lock the door. Well I guess you could put your shop on vacation for the weekend, but you would risk losing those weekend sales. Also, you still get emails or convos from customers and have to provide customer service during the weekend. So really, there is no excitement for the weekend for me. Well, except for creating new stuff! Now that's fun... I mean work...I mean fun... ehhh whatever.

Totally loving this necklace. I created the slide pendant last night and worked on the design and creation today. I always get frustrated trying to find the perfect bead caps, so I created my own. I twisted recycled Sari Silk for the top of the necklace.  Again, sorry for the bad pic, but I took it on my work surface. I hope to get this necklace in my shop tomorrow. :)

For those that actually get a the weekend off- TGIF! And for the rest of us... Have a Happy, Productive Weekend! :)

Thursday Night Playing... I mean work *grin*

 Tonight I worked on some components for soon to be pieces in my shop. I created a few microscope slides. The England one is for me. This wasn't on purpose. I ummmm... accidentally forgot to back it, so its just blank on the back. Shame Shame. Who knows, maybe I can make it work anyway.  Sorry for the crappy pics. I took them on my work bench.

Here are the almost finished pieces.  The little pieces with the flowers on them, top left and middle right, are ....mosaic tile pieces! I saw them while shopping today and thought, hmmmm, I bet I could solder those and make some cool ass pendants! I didn't attach jump rings to them yet though. I'm not sure how I am going to use them, so I will attach rings later. 

I love this one! It's gonna be hard to part with it. One side has this lovely couple under an umbrella.
 The other side has this lovely text. "Hints to the Bashful Lover - Take her walking in the rain. How adorable is that? Of course if you knew how much I love rain, you would understand why I love it so much. I LOVE rain, thunder, lightning... storms!
 I still have to clean these up and grunge them up. These are too special to make "pretty" jewelry out of!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Life Under the Bus Inspiration Sneak Peek

So I was looking through my overabundant stash of  stuff and came across some beads that were PERFECT for the Inspiration challenge this week over at the My Life Under the Bus blog. I was so excited!  I was able to put everything together quickly.  I will be posting my piece Saturday, but here's a quick sneak peek :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jumpin' On "The Bus" & Out of My Comfort Zone

I remember when I was 7 and my family and I moved from Florida to South Georgia. In Jacksonville, we lived close enough to our elementary school to walk or for my parents to drop us off. Now, in South Georgia, it was a long drive (well in city folks eyes) to drive your kids to school. So my sister and I suddenly had to ride a bus to school.  I was naively excited about this. I had only ridden a bus a time or two in Jacksonville. It was only for school field trips, so I was anticipating nothing but fun on this new way of transportation!

Things did not go so well.

For the first entire week, I threw up every single day. I learned what "motion sickness" meant. The bus driver didn't like me so much and I HATED riding the bus. Yeah, it was not what I anticipated. Eventually I did get used to the bus. I learned to keep my eyes up and looking out the window. I had been thrown out of my comfort zone and into this new world. Once I got used to the motion of the bus, I did start liking the bus once again. It was a fun time to talk to friends and meet other kids.

So fast forward 37 years. I've been creating jewelry for the last 3 1/2 years in my car. Ok, not really, but I've been creating in my comfort zone. No buses. I create with what I want to create with. I pick the beads. I pick the focals. I pick the colors. I pick the design. Well, I've gotten a bit bored and am ready to try new things.
Last week I participated in a blog challenge by Lorelei here. She picked the beads and we went from there. Brown cinnabar.. ok. Wooden cube beads...alright... White pearls? well ummmm... Green pearls? Nooooooo White cinnabar? Nuh uh. Then I saw it. WHITE chain! What!?!?! Are you kidding me? Suddenly I was on that bus for the first time again. Uneasiness & discomfort. I went to Micheal's and gathered the beads and then picked up the chain. Reluctantly, I put it in my basket and purchased all the beads (plus a lot more- damn Micheal's!)
For the next few days I worked on a design. How the heck to use these components and make something I was not completely ashamed of. I finally finished it and posted it. The original post is on my  Designs By Debi blog.

After it was all over with, my design and creating done, the pictures posted, comments left, I felt pretty good! I had went outside of my comfort zone, got on that bus and had a good time! No, it wasn't the most gorgeous thing I have ever created, but it was fine. I was pretty pleased with it. :)

So now I am once again ready to ride the bus... but this time it's a new bus! My Life Under The Bus is offering a bus ride! You can view the challenge here. She has provided a color palette to work from. I'm looking forward to this bus ride and challenge. :)


I created this necklace over the weekend. I really love vintage parts, but also love vintage looking parts!

The elongated beads, the chain with the brass disks  and the brass beads were salvaged from old jewlelry.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Shops, New Blog, New Email Addys, New Everything!

Welcome to my new blog! When I started making jewelry in 2007, I opened my first shop on Etsy called Designs By Debi. My techniques and things I like have changed since then. I've been considering for a long time opening a new shop to separate the two design types. Also, the web site Designs By was already taken. So when I went to renew my godaddy account for my bead shop Sweet Georgia Beads, I took the plunge and registered a new domain for Prolific Adornments. I also opened an Etsy Shop and an Artfire shop under the same name. Well, having a problem with the Etsy shop...I did the registration but have yet to get a confirmation notice and I started trying last night. Hopefully they will get it sorted out today.