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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Life Under The Bus Inspiration Challenge

Ok, so I am not sure when we are supposed to post these. I =think= it's today (Saturday) but I am not sure. I suffer greatly from insomnia, so I can't be up early in the morning to check to see if the blog hop links have been posted and if we are indeed supposed to be posting. So, I guess I will post my challenge piece now and hopefully it will be ok.

This challenge is from My Life Under the Bus. You can view the post here for the challenge or use the links to hop back to the challenge page. 

Here are the inspiration pics that we worked with this week:

A Beautiful palette of colors!!

And here is my work....
 I work with all sorts of materials, but my passion is old and/or vintage components. These beads were some I bought in a huge lot of vintage stuff. They look like glass but are actually plastic! The metal pendant ...was an earring! The colors matched the necklace beads perfectly, so I took it apart. It was a two piece earring, so I used the bottom for the necklace.

 I had plenty of the multi-colored beads left, so I decided to use the top part of the earring (post removed and drilled two holes in it) to make a matching bracelet.

I hope that you like my creations for this challenge!

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  1. Wow, this is so pretty and colorful! I never would have guessed the pendant was an earring! Good job!!!

  2. Oh my word, it's gorgeous! Nice job. I downloaded the beautiful color palette, but had too many unexpected "happenings" this week so I didn't get to complete it. Maybe next week.

    Thanks so much for hooking up!

  3. Thank you Annette and Lori :)I hope you can join in next time Lori!