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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Fanci Stuff

Yes, I spelled it Fanci with an "i" because I got a box of stuff from Fanciful Devices! She recently went to  Uruguay and now her stash is overwhelming, so she decided to sell some lots of things. I wish I could get the awesome stuff she found in U, but I guess I would have to take a trip there myself to get the realllly awesome stuff. (a few of the pieces was from her U haul)  I did however, get some cool things from her! Here's a few pics....

Opening the box....
 These babies are BIG and Heavy! Might use them for cuffs or pendants.
 Check out the clay pipe piece and the little hourglass!
 Stuff stuff stuff!

 The little plate is chipped, but still cutie patootie!
Neato "Seed" eraser! 
 I can't wait to start playing with this stuff!

There was a ton of little beads, rhinestones, buttons, etc. Awesometastic! I'm ready to playyyyyyy!