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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday Night Playing... I mean work *grin*

 Tonight I worked on some components for soon to be pieces in my shop. I created a few microscope slides. The England one is for me. This wasn't on purpose. I ummmm... accidentally forgot to back it, so its just blank on the back. Shame Shame. Who knows, maybe I can make it work anyway.  Sorry for the crappy pics. I took them on my work bench.

Here are the almost finished pieces.  The little pieces with the flowers on them, top left and middle right, are ....mosaic tile pieces! I saw them while shopping today and thought, hmmmm, I bet I could solder those and make some cool ass pendants! I didn't attach jump rings to them yet though. I'm not sure how I am going to use them, so I will attach rings later. 

I love this one! It's gonna be hard to part with it. One side has this lovely couple under an umbrella.
 The other side has this lovely text. "Hints to the Bashful Lover - Take her walking in the rain. How adorable is that? Of course if you knew how much I love rain, you would understand why I love it so much. I LOVE rain, thunder, lightning... storms!
 I still have to clean these up and grunge them up. These are too special to make "pretty" jewelry out of!

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