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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rough Day Turned Out Ok :)

Ahhhh I woke up this morning to pain! Thanks Mother Nature. I got up, took my thyroid med and went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I finally got up I took some pain reliever and wanted to go right back to bed. But I didn't. The pain finally lessened  and I was determined to make my day a little better. (the first day is always really hard on me) So I went out and got these:

I am a big time Sims fan! I started playing when the first Sims came out years ago. I own TheSims 1 to  The Sims 3 now and every Expansion pack and Stuff pack!! Today the "Late Night" expansion pack and The Sims3 for console came out, so I had to get them!! I have to say Sims3 for Nintendo DS is a bit lame, but I wanted it anyways. lol. I got them set up and then my hubby said he had to go out to get stuff for supper tonight.... He came back with stuff for supper but also this....

I LOVE John Grisham books! My hubby buys me every book. Use to, a new book would come out around Valentine's Day every year, so hubby would get it for me as part of my Valentine gifts. But now, they kinda come out randomly. He always gets me a 1st Edition, 1st printing. :) How sweet is that?

My hubby then cooked supper for us. I did help some, but he did most of it. So my painful day turned out nice after all! Yay!

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