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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inspiration Bracelet

Here I told you about the newest challenge from My Life Under The Bus. Well lemme tell you. I had a terrible time with this challenge. It wasn't because the palette wasn't inspiring; I LOVE the colors! It wasn't from a lack of materials. I have tons. It was because this week I have been stuck in a rut. Everything I have tried working on has ended with me getting tired of sitting at my work bench and getting up frustrated. My creative streak is G O N E. I even wrote out a whole post about how depressed I was over not being able to create, about how I could not get a thing done. It sounded so depressing that I never did post it for fear of running off my few readers. lol.

So this was reallllllllllly a challenge for me. I probably put together and took apart my piece a dozen times. It started as a bracelet, then changed to a necklace, then a half a dozen arrangements as a necklace and another half as a bracelet again. I finally settled for what you see here. So without further ado, here ya go. My LABOR of love. lol.

I know it is pretty simple, but it took a lot of tries just to get something I didn't hate with a passion. I chose the darkest of the red-ish colors and gray from the palette.

 I literally just finished it, took the pic with the camera on my phone and made this post. Talk about last minute! I should have lightened the photo a bit, but I just wanted to get it up on my blog so I can go to bed! lol

Btw, as usual, there are recycled components. The large silver rings and the curved beads are from old jewelry :) 

I can't wait to find out what everyone else has created and I hope it was not such a challenge for the rest of the participants. :)


  1. Hahaha! Well my friend you are not alone - Annette and I were both procrastinators this week and I even got up at 6:00 am to redo part of my bracelet! I too loved this color palette and photo but lacked everything that popped into my head!!! The bracelet turned out beautiful - you are probably too frustrated to see it! Thanks for joining in again : )

  2. Isn't it awful when the Muse takes a vacation? It's such a feeling of confusion, isn't it? I'm trying to give mine a bit of a rest right now, in hopes that she'll buck up again when I need her in a week or so ;) Regardless, your bracelet is gorgeous! I love those tube beads, and I think it's great that you use recycled materials - how awesome!

  3. Debi, I love the simplicity and curves of this! I agree with Patty that you are probably too frustrated to see the beauty in it! It's so aggravating to want to create and your mind goes blank, or what you make doesn't match what's in your head! When that happens to me, I usually sit down with my stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines. I don't look for something to inspire me so much as I just look at them like it's the first time seeing it!

  4. Thanks everyone. Patty- I almost just created a post letting everyone know I could not make anything but could not let you down by not participating!
    Holly- If you see my muse while you are allowing yours to rest, please send her back my way!!!
    Annette- thank you for the kind words. You are so awesome! :)

  5. i know it can be tough when you feel like you're in a rut, but i'm so glad you pushed through and posted your bracelet... it is lovely! and i love that you use recycled components... very cool!