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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Technical Difficulties...we has them!

Hubby and I both have a crazy sense of humor. And, as I told you a few posts below, I have hearing problems and tend to hear words incorrectly.  So I'm joking around with my husband about Christmas shopping.
Me: So I got you that sex game you wanted for Christmas
Hubby: Huh?
Me: Yeah, I had to go to a few unsavory websites and I think I got a virus on my computer, but I ordered that game for you... Call of Booty"
Hubby: *Laugh* That's a good one.

He actually wanted Call of Duty and yes I did understand him correctly. It was just a joke! I did buy it for him. No sex sites, I bought it at Best Buy.

Then today I am working on some jewerly pics and my computer is pretty lagged down, so I decide to reboot. UGGH! It rebooted up with a virus!!! Mannnnnn, it was JUST a JOKE!

Anyways, I am currently on my other computer posting while Malwarebyte's Anti-malware is looking for the virus. So no posting my pics until I get my main puter back up and running. *cry*

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