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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few Weekend Things

This past weekend was pretty productive. I managed to create 4 necklaces and work on a few more things.
The Dragon Pendant and the chain in this necklace were both from my stuff stash- previously loved stuff.  I added the freshwater pearls. I thought of cleaning the chain before adding it, but I just love the look of vintage-y grungy stuff!

 This necklace was also made of all previously loved components. Bits and bobs of old jewelry, random beads and the lovely rose.

I have never really made wedding type jewelry.  When I completed it, I thought, hey, this would be perfect for a wedding! When my daughter came over later she said the same thing before I said anything. I had gardenias in my wedding and she was like "Oh, that would have been perfect for you to have worn at your wedding!" Coool :D
This necklace was a good bit of work. I started with the cool charm. It was a silvery color, so I bronzed it and then coated it in Renaissance wax to seal it. I used carnelian rounds, wood ovals and gorgeous black quartz. I decided to make the back from Recycled Sari Silk. I hand stitched around the edge and made a clasp for it, which hooks into a loop I made in the silk. It was still missing something. I thought about what the pendant meant, then remembered I had just purchased some word charms. I was sure hoping to see courage when I found the pack and YES! One that said courageous.

The 4th necklace I created I can't show just yet. It is for the  My Life Under The Bus Inspiration Challenge this week. Last week I waited too long and got busy and didn't get my inspiration piece made. :( This week I wanted to make sure I got it completed, so I went ahead and did it last night :D Yay! These challenges are really fun! Basically she gives us a picture and color palette to work with and we create from there. Here is this weeks inspiration pics:

I'll be posting the piece I created on Saturday for the "reveal."


  1. Oh YEAH I can wait top see !!! - Love that horse pendant!!! You've been busy and I am jealous. I am hoping when the boys are back in school tomorrow I will be productive! Happy Tuesday !!!

  2. Thanks! I hope you get a lot done now that they are back in school :)