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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Stuffs

I got in a little pack of stuff today. Looks like fun! I got it from this seller on Etsy. He mainly sells photographs, but has a few junk items too.

There are sooooo many things I want to order, but I need some sales first!

Speaking of things I want, here are a few goodies on Etsy that are actually NOT supplies.

I love this laptop bag! I play the guitar and its just such coolness! It can be found at kavelzrd's shop.

A lovely brass tea set! It is available at thetinyteapot.
I wanted this tea set, but it sold. :(
It was at PrettyDarnCute's shop.

And check this out! It's cool, but I don't have $12K.

It's available here. Anyone want to buy it for me? *Grin*

So in case you haven't noticed the theme here, I love guitars and tiny tea sets. I try to play guitar but I am not so good at it. Right now my fingers are sore because I went for a while without playing so now I have to work on my calluses once again. Uggh. Sure wish I would not go for so long. I would be able to play  better AND my calluses would not peel off and cause pain when I play.

So what do you like to collect and/or do besides your crafting?


  1. I love the rooster in that first shot - *jealous*- I used to love miniatures too but with the boys anything that tiny is DOOMED. I got a few sets of transferware . Last year I got an almost completed set woo hoo. Anything with a bluebird, roosters, vintage sterling charms makes my eyes dialate.

  2. Ahh yes, I have to keep everything out of reach of my granddaughters. My sister loves roosters as well. She has tons of stuff. Makes Christmas easy, just find things with roosters on them. lol