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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Under The Bus Again

It's Saturday and time for the next Inspiration Challenge from My Life Under The Bus!

Here is the inspiration photo and color palette Patty gave us to work with. 

Ok, we have reds, grays, blues.....
Drum-roll.... Here's my inspiration piece.

I started with the beads. Red, blue and gray. The red and gray beads are from old necklaces that I have taken apart. The gold spacer beads are from my "gently used" stash also.

The blue beads are lovely detailed acrylic beads that I sell in my supply shop, Sweet Georgia Beads.


The compass pendant is from my up-cycling stash also. It looks like the gold part is all one piece, with the colors filled in. It's very cool and unique. The loop had broken off, so I drilled holes in the top to hang it from.

I added a pretty peanut shaped chain. (again, used)

I really do love up-cycling and reworking old parts and broken jewelery.  It's the best way to get truly unique pieces.

So that's that! Please do leave a comment and if you would like, follow me :D


  1. *LOVE* _ Love the focal and the beads - what a great job!!! I'm posting your picture if you don't mind might attract more people! Happy saturday Debi!

  2. : ( It won't let me transfer the photo so I put a link.

  3. Debi, I LOVE this necklace. The pendant is so cool !! Good job !!! I didn't have time to do the challenge this week even though I bought fabric!

  4. Thank you Patty and Annette! :)