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Prolific- profusely productive or fruitful Adornments-ornamentation; embellishment

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jingle Jangle Bingle Bangles!

Hmm so I had been thinking about making some bangles but hadn't done it yet. (I AM Mrs Procrastination) Then Mrs Fancipants went and created a bunch and they sold like hotcakes...or maybe like Modern Warfare 3 on release day. SSSoooooo I decided to get on the ball and make some.

First I got me some bright n shiny bangles! Wooooo so shiny!
 Then I made them purdy and slightly rusty!

Don't they look so much better after?

 Then I added all kinds of stuff. Sari silk, beads, wire, dangles, rhinestone chain...etc
 Wooot Woot! Aren't they all purdy and stuff?
 I waxed them up to seal the metal and dull down a bit of the brightness. Ya know I don't like bright and shiny!
 Isn't that heart purdy? I got it in a box of stuff from Fanci.
 And doesn't my arm look all old and wrinkly? Dang, I'm only 44!
 I actually made myself a set almost identical. I tend to do that with stuff I really like.
Even though the only jewelry I normally wear is a pair of gold hoops and my wedding rings.
So there ya go! An actual jewelry post! Wooooohooooooo!  Now leave some comments so I don't feel like I was talking to myself.  *Smile*


  1. Oh, they turned out great! I like the colors that you used, and especially the one with the rhinestone chain wired on. And the heart! I'm going to make some too when I get a chance.

  2. these are wonderful! and no your arm does not look old.